Undertaking, Informed consent, waiver and release form

I,  _________________of legal age, single/married, with residence at ________________________________ hereby state:

That I hereby acknowledge that I freely and voluntarily join LX2 CORP activities and my act of joining is  with my informed consent – acknowledging that the details of this activity has been fully explained to me.

That by joining this activity, I undertake to conduct myself in a very professional and disciplined manner and always complying with the rules of the activity, and ensuring that safety of myself as well as other participants are safeguarded.

That I hereby hold harmless and release LX2 CORP from all liability, petitions, causes of actions that may arise from said activity which I joined in,  my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other person may make while acting on my behalf or on behalf of my estate.

That I warrant that I will not institute any action (administrative, labor, civil or criminal) against LX2 CORP, as well as its successors-in-interest, stockholders, officers, directors, agents or employees, by reason of my joining this activity.

That I hereby finally attest that I fully understand this CONSENT, WAIVER AND RELEASE FORM  as well as the legal implications thereof and that I hereby express my complete agreement and conformity thereto.

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