Data Privacy Act Consensent

This is to grant consent on the general use and sharing of information obtained from me in the course of any Transaction , between me and LX2 CORP.  its parent and affiliates and their respective representatives and agents, I acknowledge and agree that any member of the LX2 CORP. may share these data between them and such data may constitute my personal or sensitive personal information (which includes without limitation, my name, address, gender, age, marital status, contact details, birthday, SSS/GSIS, TIN, education, employment information, financial information, medical information, spouse details, preferences, behavior, and other information classified as “personal data,” “personal information,” or “sensitive personal information” under the Data Privacy Act), as well as information relating to my accounts, transactions and communications.

Said data may be collected, processed, stored, updated, or disclosed by any member of the LX2 CORP.  and shared between and among them or to third parties (i) for legitimate purposes including but not limited to — client checks, prevention and detection of fraud or crime, system or product development and planning, cross-selling, direct marketing, profiling, complaints management, audit and administrative purposes, and relationship management, (ii) to provide services to me or implement transactions which I request, allow, or authorize.

My consent authorizes members of LX2 CORP. to collect, use, store, or disclose my information between them and to other members, to Governmental Authorities, and to third parties, as may be necessary.

My information may continue to be collected, stored, processed and/or shared between and among members of the LX2 CORP. until the expiration of the retention limits set by Applicable Law.

Further, I understand that I may access, update, or correct certain personal information, or withdraw consent to the use of any of my information as set out in this letter at any given time by communicating with the LX2 CORP.  I recognize that I may file complaints with and/or seek assistance from the National Privacy Commission.

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