Round the Clock on YouTube unveils never-before-seen snippets of celebrity life

Round the Clock is more than just a roundup of a star’s daily routine. Produced by New York-based global company LX2 Entertainment Corp, it shows the whole gamut of celebrityhood compressed into five-to-ten-minute YouTube episodes.

NEW YORK, USA November 10, 2021 – The Round The Clock series on YouTube has been giving the fans a sneak peek of celebrity life since its first video premiered.

From Robi Domingo detailing his schedule for the day to Vivoree revealing the hours she spends on social media, the series shows how much work has changed because of the pandemic. 

There are also interesting scenes capturing artistés in their element: AC Bonifacio on the dance floor and Angeline Quinto in her music room.

The episode featuring Piolo Pascual takes the fans to his beach house in Batangas, and uncovers the priceless moments that make his day.

Produced by LX2 Entertainment Corp, Round The Clock releases new content every week, and is also available on LX2 website

The YouTube series is just one of the many offerings of the U.S.-based company, which began penetrating the Philippine entertainment scene early this year.

Loi Magan, the global chief executive officer, is an astute Filipina stockbroker in New York who sees boundless opportunities in entertainment.

Her goal is to produce original content and quality entertainment,” which is the turf of the company’s executive vice president for Integrated Media Production, Brian D’Antoni, who has served as TV executive producer for NBC, ESPN, CNBC DIY, MTV, VHI, NBC Sports, Weinstein Group, and Endemol Shine.

Magan says, In this day and age where copying content has become rampant, LX2 goes the extra mile, creating and producing new mini shows and episodes. It is not being aggressive or ambitious. It simply is giving the Filipino fans what they deserve.

Our vision is to be one of the most widely recognized and respected providers of Filipino entertainment across the globe.” 


Catch the next Round The Clock episode on LX2 Entertainment YouTube Channel every Saturday, at 5 p.m.

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